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208775327Catherine J. FriemanArchaeology as History (Elements in Historical Theory and Practice)2024pdf11/29/2023 11:23:46 AMstirkout
2084127104Metin I. ErenDefining and Measuring Diversity in Archaeology: Another Step Toward an Evolutionary Synthesis of Culture2024pdf10/23/2023 2:30:26 AMalex21s
208302686Grant S. McCallPushing the Envelope: Experimental Directions in the Archaeology of Stone Tools (Focus on Civilizations and Cultures)2010pdf10/13/2023 10:10:11 AMtvladb77
2083025136Jodi Reeves FloresExperiments Past: Histories of Experimental Archaeology2017pdf10/13/2023 10:08:08 AMtvladb77
2070669671Anna L. BoozerArchaeologies of Empire: Local Participants and Imperial Trajectories (School for Advanced Research Advanced Seminar Series)2021pdf8/9/2023 6:02:53 PMeternal
20451131867John H. JamesonCreating Participatory Dialogue in Archaeological and Cultural Heritage Interpretation: Multinational Perspectives2021pdf1/11/2023 2:16:54 PMstirkout
20447861781no autorThe Archaeology of Daily Life: Ordinary Persons in Late Second Temple Israel2021epub1/9/2023 8:50:29 PMtopron
20445051196no autorDictionary of Archaeology2021pdf1/8/2023 7:11:36 PMgestalt
20430041404William Y. AdamsDown to Earth Archaeology (Sudan Archaeological Research Society Publication)2022pdf1/2/2023 1:07:24 AMtvladb77
20400141389Alice P. WrightGarden Creek: The Archaeology of Interaction in Middle Woodland Appalachia2019epub12/16/2022 11:51:20 AMtvladb77
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